Work in Style

By Nicole Dickson

In many workplaces around the globe you are provided the freedom of not having a set uniform. For those who experience this, it is nice to have the choice of what to wear but also a constant battle within that choice. What can I wear? What is appropriate? What is functional? Assuming you are not doing heavy manual labour, the choices are endless… to a point.

Especially for those starting out in a position that requires a self-made uniform I am going to offer some tips so you can both look fab in the workplace but also not cross any lines. As we have learnt from schooling, there is a degree to which casual wear is appropriate. It may not be as strict as to when we were in school but there are definitely still some guidelines that must be followed.

Firstly, is skin. Let’s all remember that going out on the weekend and going to work do not require the same outfit. On your weekends, you can do what you want. Wear that sheer top or the short shorts, but maybe not to work. In this instance, imagine yourself meeting with the higher ups in your company (even working in fashion), if you would feel awkward about them seeing you in that attire, maybe take a step back and consider that. Low cut tops, overly short skirts and crop tops may not be the way to go in the office.

Instead, it may be best to go simple, even classic. A blouse and corporate skirt, a midi dress (or skirt for that matter) would be lovely, or even an awesome pantsuit, or dress shirt and long pants. If you’re ever in doubt about whether or not you think the top you’ve chosen is appropriate, SIMPLE! Chuck on a lovely monochrome blazer over the top and fear no more!

Now for the heels. Those who know me understand that I love heels as much as the next person (or maybe more). I wear heels on my days off, going to the shops and out to dinner, I’m obsessed. But as we all know, there are different styles of heels which are associated with different events. If you choose to where heels at work, I find there are two failsafe options; boots and kitten heels.

If you are on your feet more often than not, boots are a great way to still look good but also stay comfortable and practical. Heeled boots look lovely under flared work pants or jeans and let you live that comfort lifestyle. If you’re more inclined to wear stiletto’s or more delicate heels, the best option is kitten heels. These heels are not too high or flashy and go with almost anything. Kitten heels are practical for a full working day and let you feel great while not falling over constantly. These heels match perfectly with skirts, pants, dresses, you name it. Little black Mary Jane kitten heels are a staple in a working wardrobe.
Depending on your area of occupation the rules could be different, it could be much more lenient or much stricter. However not matter what, just remember, you don’t need to leave your sense of style at home and not put your own influence into what you wear, it’s more about simply using your key pieces and favourite trends and adapting those to your line of work.

I have always adhered to the saying, ‘dress for the job you want, not for the job you have’. No matter what you are doing, imagine yourself in your dream role and what you would wear in that setting. Never underestimate your ability to look good and professional at the same time.

Follow the rules of your workplace, but put your own little twist on them. Don’t lose yourself in it. Just remember that when in doubt, it is best to go safe, wear a blouse and pencil skirt on your first day and suss out from there, what you can wear.

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