Why off-the-shoulder look is here to stay

Looking forward to summer

Why off-the-shoulder look is here to stay

By Abbey Neeham


With the arrival of spring in Europe many of us are looking forward to heading north for some sun on the continent. My hubby grew up in Ibiza and we love to spend time there in the summer. For others, even though autumn has only just arrived in Australia, we are already looking forward to the arrival of next spring and summer.

Wherever you are going to be in the next few months it is clear that one of the must have’s for spring and summer is again an off-the-shoulder piece – a dress, a top or both. I’ve been wearing them throughout the summer and still am with the onset of autumn.

More and more designers, plus high street stores have included the off-the-shoulder outfits. Whether it is a pretty top with ruffled sleeves or a glamorous dress…you can’t help but think these off the shoulder looks are here to stay. I guess exposed shoulders are the latest – and chicest way to show some skin. On the up side, shoulders always look good, unlike abs! I just love this look.

This dress has been one of favourite off-the-shoulder pieces. It has an elasticated waist, so very easy to wear, plus it has a dolphin hem which gives it a real feminine touch. I have worn it casually for shopping and lunch in the city as well as to dinners and most recently my best friends 40th birthday party.

There is such a selection to choose from, catering to all tastes and all budgets. Most of the high street stores like Topshop, H&M and Zara have them as well designers such as Fendi, Victoria Beckman and Dolce and Gabana.

A tip to enhance this look, is to dab on some illuminating body lotion over the shoulders and you are ready to wear this latest trend!

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