3 Ways To Wear Your Favourite Summer Pieces This Winter

Written by Shloka Narang, The Silk Sneaker

As winter gets closer and closer it’s time to transition the wardrobe from sandals and sun hats to turtlenecks and jumpers. If you’re feeling especially sad this year about having to retire your favourite summer dress, don’t! There’s no need to shove your favourite summer pieces to the back of the closet just yet – it’s just time to pair them up! We all know that the key to winter dressing is layering, and that includes all your favourite summer dresses, skirts and tops too! Without further ado, I’m sharing my three no-fail ways to wear your favourite summer pieces this winter and feel as stylish as ever! Layering is key to bringing those pieces into your autumn/winter wardrobe. After all, layering is the key to all winter dressing! The best part about it is that it’s not only a super stylish way to create an outfit, but it also adds colour to your seasonal ensemble, while making every piece you have that much more versatile. Who could ask for more right?

  1. The Summer Skirt

Although usually paired with a favourite cami or crop top, the summer skirt finds a cosier pairing with your favourite turtleneck this season. Pair your most loved flowing skirt with a neutral turtleneck for the perfect balance. For that extra special touch, don’t forget the thigh high boots! As the temperature continues to drop, don’t be afraid to throw on chunkier knits over your favourite summer skirts for that effortless yet chic look! It’s always a winning combination!

  1. The Summer Dress

There is nothing better about a summers day than waking up, and throwing on an easy, no fuss summers dress. Nothing better except for being able to continue that great feeling with that same no brainer dress during the winter months! Layer a turtleneck or sweater underneath your favourite summers dress to stay warm, yet still, keep that cool factor. Paired with the perfect pair of boots, the ensemble is able to create a great contrast between the femininity of a summers dress and the masculinity of boots. The best part about an ensemble like this is that you are able to add that extra dose of colour that can sometimes get lost in our winter wardrobes. After all, everything doesn’t have to be black, grey and white this winter!

  1. The Summer Crop

Gone may be the day of crop tops and shorts, but now are the days of crop tops and jeans, as long as you don’t forget your trusty layers! Elevate your sweater and jeans combo by throwing a crop top over for that extra level of interest! Extra points if you’re top is coloured – something like blue or khaki would look fabulous with a combination like this as well! Of course, neutrals also work best when working with layering different pieces together. This is another great way to take the cami over white shirt layering technique to the next level this winter and stay ahead of the street style pack!

With three easy looks, every morning should be a no-brainer when it comes to layering! Whether it be dinner, a movie or just a weekend with friends, each look will make sure you never have that “I don’t know what to wear!” feeling this winter. The best part about being able to wear your summer clothes in the colder months is the feeling of having a whole new set of pieces to experiment with. Layering is, after all, the most enjoyable when you’re ready to have fun with it, so don’t be afraid to try new and bold combinations with some of your other favourite summer pieces! Happy layering!

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