Dots vs Stripes

By Brigitte Topping

 It’s been the question on fashionista’s lips since the dawn of time, ok maybe not that long, but still, Dots vs Stripes is a call EVERYONE has to make at some point in their life. Stripes represent power, boldness and significance whereas dots represent fun full stop. So when do you choose the stripe and when the dot? I decided to organize a ‘scenario’ type situation to solve the dilemma. Because you never know when you’re going to need this crucial information next time you are freaking out at your wardrobe doors!


You have been asked out on a blind date. Only information you have got from your bestie is “Yeah he’s cute and smart just do it” Helpful, thanks, you think to yourself. You don’t know anything about this person your going to meet in the very near future so you stand, cluelessly, staring blankly into the deep hole that you call a clothes cupboard. Then it happens. The terrifying question…. Dots or stripes?

You don’t know your date, how are you supposed to know whether your supposed to be a powerhouse magnate and walk in wearing bold stripes or a fun and flirtatious girly girl and stroll in (or skip, whatever floats your boat really) wearing that super cute polka dot Zimmerman dress you broke your wallet to buy on the weekend.


Before you start consecutively pulling out an eyebrow hair one by one because of stress, don’t fear, Brigitte’s here with a pretty damn good plan of attack! First, do you really care about this date? Does the amount of stress that’s currently being undertaken equal the amount of care you have for the person you are about to meet? If the answers no, get dressed stop being a baby and walk out that door. If yes move on to the next question.

Are you a power magnate? If no, why are you trying to be one? Probably a sensible question if that’s what you plan on being all night rocking a pin stripe suit. If you were just thinking cute stipe shirt, hot new silk pants you picked up from Sass and Bide, paired with those jimmy choo pumps that you swore you would wear every day to convince yourself the $800 was totally worth it, then play on. Powerful, sexy, causal nailed it.


As for dots, does the dress make you want to sing “sunshine lollipops and rainbows” and also make you speak in a southern accent? Probably not the outfit for you. We don’t need the guy thinking you have 12 cats at home and watch Grease on repeat. If you put the dress on and just feel you ooze femininity in a non cat loving way and want to wear those sky high Louboutin’s to give you edge. Do It! Or play it safe, wear black and pair it with one of dinosaur designs beautiful new necklaces from the ‘Art of black and white’ range, spots, tick, over the top, nope.

I do realize I have left you in a bit of a conundrum if you can rock or sexy causal get up and your extra feminine outfit but hey I got you this far babe you’re on your own now! Your other option is too just rock both just like how my mother dressed me back in the 90’s, cheers mum. Good Luck!