1 Piece, 2 Ways

Spring/Autumn transitional lookbook

By Vikkipedia

I knew 2017 will turn out to be a good year when it started off with a nice little email in my Vikkipedia inbox.

This Is April, a womenswear brand hailing from Indonesia, asked if I was interested in collaborating with them!

I was absolutely blown away! How did they manage to find me – a spring chicken in the blogging world from Little New Zealand, hidden in the nooks and crannies of the massive interwebs?

As you may know already, New Zealand has one of the strictest quarantine/customs systems in the world. After a month of not knowing where the parcel was, I started losing hope, thinking it must have got lost in the system, when it miraculously turned up at my work desk.

I felt like I was working for Pablo Escobar – the box was completely ripped apart and duct-taped back in one piece. Thankfully, the clothes were unscathed and looked absolutely incredible!

Money ain’t a thang when you’re Jermaine Dupri and Jay-Z. Unfortunately I’m not Janet Jackson or Beyoncé. And when you have an insatiable shopping addiction like mine, your mind tricks you to keep buying stuff to ‘go with this top I bought the other day’. Your wardrobe is bursting at the seams but you STILL feel like you have nothing to wear.

All I’m saying is – don’t give in to that desire (famous last words haha…) ‘cos there are ways to stretch your wardrobe dollar further by styling the same clothes in different ways.

It’s like a petri dish – you start off with 1 item of clothing, you introduce 1 bacterial cell into the agar (in this case, accessories), then you sit back and watch your wardrobe multiply… 1 piece turns into 2 outfits, then 4, then 16, then 64… It’s endless! (I’m literally laughing at myself – how stupid is this analogy)

Partnering with This Is April, here’s a Spring/Autumn transitional lookbook where I challenge myself in styling 2 looks with 1 item of clothing. Let’s see how I fare:

Off-Shoulder Dress

Look 1 – Boho, No Hobo.

April = music festival season. If you have access to the internet, you’ll see that there’s currently 129318 bloggers and 392189 YouTubers doing a Coachella lookbook right now – a festival that annually makes me regret my past life’s decision for not choosing to reincarnate into an American body. Now I have to spend $2819 to fly over from New Zealand.

Not going to Coachella doesn’t mean I can’t dress like I’m going to Coachella! You gotta fake it ’til you make it, right?  

The off-shoulder trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. This dress is one of those, “I-can’t-be-arsed-thinking-of-what-to-wear” dresses. It’s not form-fitting but still very flattering. (Join the Collarbone Club and show off a pretty part of your body no matter what shape or size you are!)

To amp up the boho chic vibe, I wore my peacock feather earrings and carried a basket bag instead of a handbag. Chuck on some brown leather boots and you’ve got yourself a perfect festival outfit!  

Dress  |  This Is April (similar here)
Earrings  |  similar here
Boots  |  Soles (similar here)
Basket Bag  |  similar here

Look 2 – Go hard or go home.

Styling a white off-shoulder dress with boho vibes is like eating eggs for breakfast – it’s good for you, but very predictable. To challenge myself, I wanna create an ‘unexpected’ look by toughening up this little white dress.

If you want to add edge to your look, a bandana is your best friend. Here I’m wearing my Yelawolf bandana I picked up at his gig while he was touring down under (shout out to the “Slumkiwis / Slumaussies” reading this, if any).

Add a fedora hat and black lace-up booties and you’ve got yourself a completely different outfit – one that is tough enough to not look embarrassing at a rock concert! (Not if the band is Metallica…)

Dress  |  This Is April (similar here)
Bandana  |  Yelawolf (similar here)
Boots  |  Topshop (similar here)
Hat  |  Anthropologie (similar here)

Shirt Dress

Look 1 – Uni Chic

My uni days are waaaaay behind me but I still know what it’s like – you’d be kidding yourself saying you’re just there to study for your degree. Of course you’re also there to impress the cute guy across the lecture room! BUT it’s not easy to trade comfort for style. So how can you talk yourself out of sweatshirt and sweatpants?

I think a shirt dress is the answer. It’s such a great piece to have in every girl’s wardrobe. It looks put-together but still very comfortable.

I styled this striped shirt dress with a pair of white canvas shoes and added the little pineapple pin that came with it for a cute, relaxed vibe. By using simple tricks like rolling your sleeves up, you could instantly make the shirt dress look more laid-back.

To achieve a more fashionable look, I’d opt for a leather backpack instead of a big schoolbag or canvas tote bag.

Now you can look uni chic without looking like you’re even trying!

Dress  |  This Is April (similar here)
Shoes  |  Eytys
Backpack  |  Deadly Ponies

Look 2 – Girl Boss

Shirt dresses are like Worcestershire sauce or anything from Maccas if you’ve watched Supersized Me. You can literally keep a shirt dress in your wardrobe for years – once you graduate from uni you can wear the same thing to work!

The sleeves are down for a more formal look. I cinched my waistline with a thick leather belt to create a more feminine silhouette. Add a bit of height with a pair of black mules and sprinkle a pinch of attitude with a pair of sunnies + oversized clutch + red lippy.

This outfit is sooooooo #girlboss I might actually try wearing it to my next client presentation! I’ll keep my sunnies on in the boardroom like a rapper in a nightclub and see how that goes down…

Dress  |  This Is April (similar here)
Sunnies  |  Karen Walker
Clutch  |  ASOS (similar here)
Belt  |  ‘Thrfted’ from Mum lol (similar here)
Mules  |  Nine West (similar here)


Look 1 – Blogger’s Uniform

Culottes + off-shoulder shirt = every blogger’s uniform. Now that I’m living the #bloggerlife, I need to give this outfit a go!

You can actually wear a normal shirt off-shoulder!

  1. All you need is a shirt that is slightly oversized or boxy-cut.
  2. Button it up unevenly as if you’re buttoning up your PJ’s when you were 6.
  3. Leave the top 3 buttons undone and drape the shirt off your shoulder on one side.
  4. You’ll find one sleeve longer than another but don’t worry – just roll up one of your sleeves to even them out and voila! You got yourself an off-shoulder shirt without spending anymore money!  

As for the culottes, the vertical stripes added about 10000 inches to my 159cm frame. Pairing them with black heels and big sunnies, I felt like a fashion blog veteran even though my area of expertise lies in alliteration and stupid metaphors.

Culottes  |  This Is April (similar here)
Shirt  |  This Is April (similar here)
Sunnies  |  Karen Walker
Heels  |  H&M x Maison Martin Margiela

Look 2 – V.I.P.’s Uniform

Wanna look like someone who knows fashion? Wear a black cutout top. It oozes attitude and instantly makes you look like someone important even if you’re just at an event for the free canapés.

I’ve styled the same culottes with a fitted cut-out top from my new fave Kiwi designer Jojo Ross and made myself look 5’5″ by tucking the top in to make my waistline higher.

I wore my chunky Jeffrey Campbell statement sandals that are super comfortable yet not too dressed down. This outfit is fit for any occasion – I can literally go from work to a dinner, to a night-out, then straight back to work in the same outfit if I don’t mind being mocked by my work fambam.

Culottes  |  This Is April (similar here)
Top  |  Jojo Ross
Sunnies  |  Karen Walker
Sandals  |  Jeffrey Campbell


Look 1 – Victoria Beckham as Victoria Beckham

I did say Sporty Spice was my favourite Spice Girl in my Beauty and the Beast post but when it comes to fashion, Sporty has nothing on Posh.

I feel like Posh upped her fashion game since she became Victoria Beckham. Here I’m channeling my inner Vicky and rocking her signature monochromatic style.

I wore the same white shirt in my previous look and black knee-length overalls from This Is April. I buttoned the shirt all the way up so I can look as posh as a European art gallery curator. To make the look less uptight, I rocked my Jeffrey Campbell platform oxfords to make the vibe more fun and quirky.

For a fraction of the price of Victoria Beckham’s fashion line, you can still look like a million bucks!

Overalls  |  This Is April (similar here)
Shirt  |  This Is April (similar here)
Shoes  |  Jeffrey Campbell (similar here)

Look 2 – Victoria Beckham as Posh Spice

Victoria Beckham is arguably one of the best looking mother of four in the world, but her days as Posh Spice had a bit more sex appeal ‘cos she was rocking more daring, revealing outfits!

To make the overalls ‘less Victoria, more Posh’, I’ve just simply took out the shirt and rocked them as a jumpsuit!

Adorn the plunging neckline with a metallic choker like this one from Captve (They ship to NZ!). Chuck on a pair of black strappy heels, aviator sunnies, a clutch and you’re ready to hit the clubs!

Overalls  |  This Is April (similar here)
Choker  |  Captve
Sunnies  |  Gentle Monster
Shoes  |  New Look (Super-saver alternatives here and here)
Clutch |  COMME des GARÇONS

Thanks for going this deep in my blog post – I ain’t gonna hate on you if you didn’t read everything ‘cos that was a lot of words but I had a lot of fun writing them!

Let me know which look is your favourite! x





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