Why off-the-shoulder look is here to stay

By Abbey Neeham

With the arrival of spring in Europe many of us are looking forward to heading north for some sun on the continent. My hubby grew up in Ibiza and we love to spend time there in the summer. For others, even though autumn has only just arrived in Australia, we are already looking . .

Work in Style

In many workplaces around the globe you are provided the freedom of not having a set uniform. For those who experience this, it is nice to have the choice of what to wear but also a constant battle within that choice. What can I wear? What is appropriate? What is functional? Assuming you are not doing heavy manual . . .

Swimwear Retrospective

The image of the perfect bathing beauty came to rise in the early 1930’s when neck lines began to plunge, sleeves were removed and hem lines were raised. The invention of materials such as nylon and spandex saw for figure hugging garments and thin shoulder straps, which were . . .

I – G – G – Y

If you are currently asking yourself ‘Who that?’ instead of ‘Who dat?’, you definitely need to keep up with the talented piece of Australian that is Iggy Azalea. This week we are loving ourselves some Iggy, as she continues to leave her mark on the music and fashion world.  Not only is this girl in the fast lane from LA to Tokyo but she is also in the fast lane to becoming one of the most influential gals in . . .