Why I Can’t Shake T-Swift Off

Why I Can’t Shake T-Swift Off

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Lately, Taylor has been making ridiculously perfect fashion choices, and has gone from someone I didn’t care much for, to someone I can’t shake off.

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Ignoring all of her stylish outfits in the real world, let’s look at her latest music video for Shake It Off – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfWlot6h_JM


She has a number of dramatic looks varying from a graceful ballerina, to a bootylicious twerker (full irony intended) and all the dancing genres in between.

TSwift 4

Her hair and makeup speaks perfection – so much so that I spent 30 minutes Googling her diet, hair stylists and other intimate details in an attempt to replicate her sheer beauty.

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Ok, so if you haven’t noticed I am crushing hard on Taylor Swift, which for me is totally unexpected! I have gone from being in love with Blake Lively to Taylor Swift in 4:01. God, look at me, I am now imitating her love life. Just joking!

TSwift 1

Taylor’s music video is the funniest self-satire I have ever seen! She pokes fun at her failed romances (like I just did, my bad), her less then coordinated dancing capabilities and everyone’s obsession judging one another.

TSwift 7

I think there should be more music being produced that encourages people to “shake it off” and no more of Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda.

Carly Shearman

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