I’d Rather Be a Mermaid…

Mermaid fashion forecaster



Sequins in Aje.

Featured in Aje’s current collection are sequins galore. Starring their sequin miniskirts, with a sea like colour palette they are the key staple for your wardrobe. It can be worn dressed down and casual during the week, with a thrown on tee, or dressed up to stand out from the crowd and have a little sparkle over the weekend.




Pricing from $300, they will be forever loved for years to come in your clothing collection, we all have that go to pick me up outfit piece and this is a great one. Comes in neutral colours, nudes, pops of greens, blues and blacks. Detailing with different hem lines including a cut out pattern for the hem and fraying used to mix it up.



I have seen girls with the mermaid hair look while walking the streets of Brisbane and university. Tip dyed ends and balayage of purple, green and blue, styled with loose waves it completes the merwoman trend hitting fashion. Sea shelled tops as seen online and in stores available from Forever 21, Wildfox, Missoni and Asos. Seashells, sequins and mermaid hair is the ultimate go to look to escape the world and enter your fantasy of magic, wonder land and the land of under the sea where mermaids and mermans exist.


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