Birk ‘n’ Socks

Some things are just plain wrong, like decaf coffee or Miley Cyrus. In contrast, sometimes something can be so wrong that it works. So completely and utterly ridiculous, it actually begins to make sense. Like Kanye West’s love affair with himself, Lady Gagas meat dress and dipping McDonalds fries in your milkshake (no, just me?)

Recently there has been a fashion faux-nomenum that could not be a more perfect example of this. Socks and sandals! It’s that age-old cliché that our granddads have used to embarrass us year after year on family holidays and its come back to haunt us.

But whatever your opinion may be on this look, you can’t deny its practicality. Sandals for the ultimate in laid-back comfort combined with hosiery to keep your feet warm and disguise those neglected winter, pedicure free nails.

It went almost unnoticed in Burberry and Prada’s Spring/Summer 2013 collections but their male models were paving the way for this unlikely trend with metallic and two-tone slides over chunky knits.

Burberry spring/summer 2013

Then the über hipsters got wind and started brandishing garish tube socks under their Birks, and now it’s hitting the mainstream. So after much skepticism and a fair bit of persuasion, here at FOM, I think we’re hooked.

You can dress the look down with flats and black on black, or be more daring with platforms and patterns. It’s a fun look with so many different possibilities, we thought we’d give you a kick-start and find the best in socks and sandals to mix and match for any occasion. So have a look at our pick of the bunch, channel your inner granddad and enjoy.


The ultimate romper stomper boot, these chunky Jeffrey Campbell’s could ease you into the socks n sandals look. With subtle cut outs at the side they lend themselves perfectly to wearing bright funky socks underneath giving that pop of colour that will jazz up a daytime outfit or compliment a LBD.


Sports Luxe is a big trend at the moment and fashion blogger India Rose pulls it off perfectly with Adidas slides and chunky sports socks. This is a great androgynous look if you’re not a heels and dresses kind of girl (and easy because you can always raid your boyfriends sock drawer)


It just wouldn’t be right to talk about socks and sandals and overlook the root of the trend. Birkenstocks are quite possibly THE comfiest shoes ever made, short of leaving the house in your slippers they’re pretty hard to beat, and so versatile. Layer them over bright colours to give another angle to day-to-day jeans and a tee.

Go Glam

Is there no end to the possibilities with this look? Try dressing up your favourite pair of strappy heels with some sheer anklets or frilly lace socks underneath.


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