Aimee Cherie Intimates

Aimee Cherie Intimates is a small label out of Perth, Western Australia, that has built its foundations on social media. AC Intimates produce hand made, intricately designed lace, leather and mesh bralettes, alongside other day and bedtime intimates. With 28, 000 followers, and counting, the brand is fully utilising Instagram as a main platform to market their product and brands philosophy.

Instagram is a the fastest growing social media platform in 2014. With 1.6 million Australian users, Instagram is a perfect marketing tool for small businesses. Instagram is a visual tool that allows labels to build their brands personality. In short, customers are visual. Interesting photos catch attention. In order for labels to be successful on Instagram, they need to create visual stories. AC Intimates shows the comfortable, easy to wear and a little sultry-looking lingerie in most of their posts. There is a chilled days and late nights, easy vibe as you scroll through the photos. Images make it easier to understand the products and the envisaged styling. Plus, everyone loves the perfectly filtered photos and the idealist lifestyles they portray.

As a small label, it is vital social media is a key marketing tool. Instagram, and other digital platforms are changing the way fashion is shown, experienced and shared among its followers. There is even an award now, Instagrammer of the Year, created by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Twitter took over a year to reach 1 million users, Instagram achieved that number in two months. Instagram users share 60 million photos per day. With these figures its no wonder visual marketing is a daily priority for fashion labels.

However, even a thriving label finds limits in social media marketing. AC Intimates finds the amount of what followers see or exposure to potential followers can be hard to gauge. The limited space to provide written information on Instagram can be restricting. But lets be honest, who really spends too much time reading the captions, short and sweet works best. Besides its the pretty pictures that should be doing the talking.

AC Intimates designed and developed its first bralette about 2 years ago. It was a piece that was leant out to stylists and began to appear in more editorials and campaigns. It wasn’t until about a year ago when the label really began to develop full collections, with wider choices in styles, colour-ways and sizes. Designer Aimee Cherie Kendall, plans to launch more products and develop customers’ favourite pieces as the labels grows.

“That’s the most exciting thing about this industry, there is an abundance of talent around you, and you never know what amazing result you could come up.” – Aimee Cherie Kendall

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